ÉLISIRE is an independent perfume house that embraces a bespoke handmade approach in every aspect - creation, manufacturing, distribution.

ÉLISIRE creates Vegan and Cruelty Free Perfumes with a great deal of passion and know-how, thanks to long-term partnerships with suppliers committed to sound principles of innovation and sustainability.

ÉLISIRE is dedicated to excellence by selecting the finest and purest ingredients, all rigorously tested for ethical and ecofriendly certifications.

ÉLISIRE is fond of responsibly sourced natural ingredients from around the world but is also appreciative of new forms of molecular synthesis. Produced from years of advanced research, these green chemistry and white biotechnology molecules ensure new sources of inspiration, respect of the environment and sustainability. The best of nature and scientific research dedicated to sustainable excellence, that is ÉLISIRE’s motto.

In order to optimally highlight the quality of the ingredients and the beauty of the compositions, ÉLISIRE features high concentrations far superior to the average concentration of the market. Whatever the cost, as long as the result is perceivable. Nothing is ever too beautiful.

In the quest for aesthetics and the magic formula, some ÉLISIRE fragrances have been developed for more than 20 years. It serves as proof that aesthetics has been the central focus from the very beginning of development.

Mindful of reducing its environmental impact, ÉLISIRE limits the use of non-recyclable materials and selects partners that are committed and responsible.

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