I dreamt of ÉLISIRE like a legend of perfumes.

A cosmos of sensations. A stellar constellation in a remote place where it feels and smells like paradise. An extraordinary journey for the senses, into the open, the grand and the exotic.

Perfumes of exception, in high concentration. Auras of magic and mystery, spacious and immersive. The infinite radiance of colors.

Elixirs of Desire.

Seductive, irresistible, luscious. Bold, rich and profound, but most of all luminous, elegant and contemporary. Perfumes that have the power to ignite desire.

Created with the finest essences extracted from nature from around the world, thanks to the most innovative technologies and the utmost attention to detail. Developed with some of the greatest perfumers in the industry.

The quality and richness of each ÉLISIRE composition is tangible. You can immediately sense, feel and perceive it. There is a soul, a coloring, a luminosity. A refined structure, that transforms into an aura of sensations with layers unfolding in time. Offering delightful experiences, from its diffusion to its development on the skin, the hair and the clothes. Leaving a delicate layered trail, giving birth to a distinctive personality.

With ÉLISIRE, I wanted to tell the story of my love for fragrance and painting, driven by my fascination for nature. The world, the sky, the sun, the light, the stars, and the elements. But most of all, the miracle of colors, and their impact on the sensorial and emotional spectrum. Color has a transcending power, which acts on the body and the soul. Whether it is bright, vibrant, dark or muted, alone or interacting with one another, color relates to emotions in a direct manner. Rothko, one of my favorite painters, said: “It speaks all languages”, so does fragrance.

I envisioned ÉLISIRE’s perfumes like layered auras, rising colors inviting all senses to arise. Gradual colored hazes like auroras, the dawn, the dusk. Particular moments where everything feels suspended, inviting contemplation and new promises.

Welcome to the world of ÉLISIRE.

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