Elixirs of Desire.

Perfumes that have the power to reignite Desire by celebrating the infinite radiance of color & the transporting power of scent. Crafted with the finest essences extracted from nature & the most innovative eco-friendly technologies. Vegan, cruelty-free, ethical & sustainable. By Franck SALZWEDEL, a French artist & perfume creator associated to some of the greatest names in the industry. 


A milky Sandalwood and Cashmeran accord fuses with the tangy notes of a radiant Ginger, creating a halo of bright sensuality. Intoxicating and highly addictive. By Philippine Coutrtière.


Black sun. Bewitching. Mysterious. Grandiose. Rebel elegance. Dark desire. An intoxicating Elixir of Black Absolute in a black mirrored bottle. By Pierre Negrin.

The most DESIRED

Alchemy of Desire. A Rush of Gold in quest for the Divine. Carnal. Empowering. Addictive. Love at first sight. An irresistible Extract of Desire in a pure object of desire made of Gold. By Philippine Courtière.

ÉROSE, Erotic Vibes

Hedonic Flowers falling in love. Iridescent vibes. Exquisite Inflorescences. An Elixir of erotic Absolutes in a precious pink gold object of desire. By Philippine Courtière.

ODEROSE, Love Power

Ode to Rose, the Power of Love... Dipped in Silver. Forever young. Metamorphosis. Adorn thorns. An overdosed Eau de Rose in a silvery object of desire. By Philippine Courtière.

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